Thursday 26 May 2022

2022 ACT Chess Championship

 The 2022 ACT Chess Championship begins tomorrow, and it is already looking to be the strongest (and maybe largest) edition in a number of years. The top seed is IM Rishi Sardana, who has moved back to the city of his birth, for work. IM Junta Ikeda is 2nd seed, ahead of a field of young challengers including Cameron McCowan, FM Michael Kethro, Fred Litchfield and Harry Press. The tournament has been bolstered by the entry of a number of players from NSW, who are eligible for the prize money, but not the championship title/

The tournament begins tomorrow evening at Campbell High School (next to the War Memorial). There is one round on Friday, with 2 rounds on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Full results can be seen at and once I organise the links to the live coverage, you should be able to follow the top 4 boards live.

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