Wednesday 2 June 2021

The easy rook ending

 Rook endings are difficult to play, as even a pawn advantage isn't enough to secure the point. However I have seen both recently, and in the past, the easiest way to play them is when you have an extra rook! This was spotted in 2 games at my local club last night, and in one of my games from the 2004 Olympiad. 

Despite having to play a rook up for 30 moves, the highlight was after the finish when a passing IM congratulated me on converting a 'difficult rook ending'. To be fair, clearly they hadn't expected my opponent to play as many moves as they did.

Niyontegereje,Edison - Press,Shaun (2070) [C55]
Calvia ol (Men) Mallorca (Spain) (8.61), 23.10.2004

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