Monday 14 June 2021

2021 NSW Open - Day 2

 With 5 rounds of the 2021 NSW Open completed, GM Daniel Fernandez, IM Junta Ikeda and IM Gary Lane share the lead on 4.5/5. In round 5 Fernandez once again demonstrated his creativity in complex positions, sacrificing a piece early on against Fred Litchfield, before reaching an ending a whole rook down, but with an avalanche of pawns as winning compensation. Lane got to 4.5 after Harry Press sacrificed a piece in the early middlegame, but this proved unsound, giving lane a quick win. Ikeda also had a quick win, punishing CM Isaac Zhao after Zhao went pawn grabbing in the opening.

Tomorrow mornings round has Lane against Fernandez and Morris against Ikeda. As none of the 4 have played each other yet, this will effectively be a playoff for the top board pairing in the final round.

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