Friday 18 June 2021


 Bananas are supposed to be good for your chess. GM Max Illingworth famously brings a bunch to the board for every game, while IM Gary Lane once convinced an entire Olympiad team that this was the secret to winning more matches.

One participant in yesterdays interschool event showed me another way that they can help your chess. Early on she told me that her mother had written (actually carved) a message on the banana skin, and I (Mr Grumpy) replied "As long as they aren't chess moves". On one side it read "Woot!! Chess" and on the other "Good Luck". So far so good, but her mother even carved a couple of chess pieces at the end. Although I remembered what happed to Wesley So at the US Championship, I decided that this was harmless enough to let it go. But if I find banana carving becoming a thing, I may have to revise my opinion.

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