Thursday 3 June 2021

London 1932

 While not as well known as the London 1922 International Congress, the 1932 London Tournament was still quite an event. The event was won by Alekhine with 9/11, ahead of Flohr who finished a point behind. Sultan Kahn, Maroczy and Tartakower also played, and the tournament saw Vera Menchik* add more members to he 'club', beating G.A Thomas and William Winter.

The second place finish by Flohr was part of a successful run early in his career that saw him touted as a possible World Championship contender. However he was not able to raise the stakes for such a challenge and by the end of the 1930's his cautious, positional style, saw him fall behind his contemporaries. Nonetheless, the following game from the 1932 event showed what might have been.

(* btw Menchik's mothers maiden name was Illingworth 

** Many thanks to IA Roly Eime for sending me the 1932 London Tournament book) 

Flohr,Salo - Milner Barry,Philip Stuart [E33]
London International Masters London (5), 05.02.1932

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