Saturday 12 June 2021

2021 NSW Open - Day 1

 The first day of the 2021 NSW Open saw a capacity field of 140, and plenty of tough chess. There is still a bit of a logjam at the top of the tournament, although a number of top seeds have decided to have a bit of a sleep in, taking a half point bye for tomorrow mornings round. Nonetheless, GM Daniel Fernandez, IM Junta Ikeda and IM Gary Lane are all hoping to get ahead of the field with wins in the morning round.

With 8 DGT boards in operation there was plenty of chess to follow online. One quick game from round 2 was this win by Fred Litchfield over Ashley Rambukwella

Litchfield, Fred -Rambukwella, Ashley [E33]
2021 NSW Open, 2021.06.12

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