Friday 24 July 2020

Tournament Number 3

As of last night, the ACT Chess Association has organised 15 online Blitz events, 18 online Rapid events and 3 online Standard events since early March 2020. While numbers for some of the events have been a little low (especially the Monday blitz events), they have been well received my the Canberra chess community.
Last night the third Standard event finished with a win for Matt Radisich, who scored 5.5/6.  This was the second tournament win for Matt in this series, having won the first standard tournament with the same score.
While I have seen comments about the unsuitability of long time control events in online chess, these events seem to be working well for us. The time limit of 45m+15s is the right balance between what would be used in club chess, and not to long as to drag out the evening. One round per week is also good, and the length of the event (6 weeks) is also similar to a normal club event. But probably the best proof that the format is working (at least for those that entered), is that there were no withdrawals from the tournament, and only one case of players forgetting to turn up.
So well done everyone!

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