Wednesday 22 July 2020

Never argue with a taxi driver

(NB This post has nothing to do with taxi drivers)
I've been following the fortunes of a couple of big Victorian (Australia) online events with a mixture of fascination and horror. It seems that a combination of event size and anonymity has lead to some players complaining about the results of some other players. Now rather that either let the organisers handle it in a quiet manner, the loudness of complaints has led to what I would regard as an inevitable conclusion.
Assuming I have read the public confession of one of the players correctly, they decided to fight fire with fire. It was claimed that a recent winner had been receiving engine assistance, so another player 'gave that boy a taste of his own medicine' by which I assume is as admission of engine use. As a follow up, the player being accused of cheating has been removed from the standings, although his opponents results (and final placing) remains!

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