Wednesday 29 July 2020

A very tough game

While is mainly used by fast chess players, there is an active 'turn based' community on there as well. While I'm not super involved, I do play a few 2 or 3 days per move games, just to kepp my CC skills up.
The following game was very tough for me, and for a long time I wasn't sure how I was going to win it. It was only around move 50 that I started to get on top, as if I hadn't been able to get my queen to f4 then I couldn't see any other winning chances.
On the hand I'm gald my opponent did play so well, as this event was a tournament for PNG players, and he is likely to be a member of the PNG Olympiad team in 2021(?).

L0rd_V0ldermort (1830) - shaunpress (2403) [C55]
PNG Tournament March 2020, 28.03.2020

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