Sunday 12 July 2020

Serious skillage

With most chess events still being played online, there is now plenty of opportunity to cast an eye of some new talents on the Australian chess scene. The MCC Allegro (organised by the Melbourne Chess Club) has seen a couple of established tournament winners upset by at least one newcomer,  while the Box Hill Rapids have turned into quite a battle between some rapidly improving female players.
One game that really impressed me was the final round game between Jennifer Morrison and Chloe Fan. Although Morrison had at least a share of first place guaranteed, she still needed half a point for outright first. Under such circumstances there is a chance that the pressure may induce a serious mistake, but she was able to avoid any serious missteps and hold the position.

Morrison, Jennifer (1751) - Fan, Chloe (1733) [D02]
Live Chess, 12.07.2020

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