Thursday 23 July 2020

I have broken Civ VI

Without a doubt, the Civilization series of games are the best computer games ever made. Since the first Civilization, they have been a constant time waster for me. And after almost 30 years of playing them, I am pleased to say I have broken Civ VI.
Based on tips from PotatoMcWhiskey (youtube channel here) I can usually beat Deity level with any civ by before move 300. (NB He usually wins around move 140!). The key to victory is usually a simple one. Research defensive techs at the start  (Bronze working, archery, masonry) and beeline culture to Political Philosophy. After that build the Apadana in your capital (2 envoys for every new wonder in the city), and then keep building wonders. As long as you have 4-6 cities in total, and survive any early wars  (hence walls and archers), the path to victory is assured. Normally I end up with a diplomatic victory, but if I am looking for achievements, culture, science and domination victories are achievable.

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