Friday 24 July 2020

2020 Online Chess Olympiad starts tommorow

The 2020 FIDE Online Olympiad starts tomorrow, with the first pool of matches. The event sees 163 teams broken up into 5 divisions, with a promotion system used to help determine the eventual winners. The tournaments starts with the 'base' division (or Division 5), where there will be 3 pools of 10 teams. They will play a round robin over 3 days, with the top 4 teams in each pool being promoted to join the next 38 teams in Division 4. After that there will be 5 pools of 10, with 15 teams being promoted, joining another 35 teams.
Today was a trial run for the playing teams, and also for the organising team. Various aspects of the event were tested (including automatically starting games), and thankfully everything pretty much worked. The main concern for tomorrow is seeing everyone turn up on time, and avoiding any connection issues from the home countries.
Pool play begins at 5pm Canberra time, with 3 rounds, each starting on the hour. Pool B and Pool C will also start tomorrow, at 10om, and 3am (the next day) respectively.
(NB I will post links to the online coverage when they become publicly available)

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