Saturday 29 February 2020

Look before you leap

When faced with an obvious good move, it often helps to see if you have an even better one. This was clearly demonstrated in a game at street chess today, when one of the younger competitors though he was winning a rook against one of out older competitors.
While the knight fork on c2 was certainly tempting, if Black had taken a couple of deep breaths, he might have found the even stronger 7... Bxc2! 8.Qe2 Nd3+ forcing White to give up a queen for 2 pieces. Instead Black could not retrieve his knight and White eventually went on to win.
Of course this all could have been avoided if White had played 7.Bb5+ c6 8.Ba4, which is a standard idea in this type of position.

Hellman,Oscar - Cheng,Jerry [D00]
Street Chess ICCF, 29.02.2020

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