Monday 17 February 2020

Doing the Double

If my research is correct, the last player to win the Australian Championship and the Doeberl Cup in the same year was Ian Rogers, back in 1986. There may be instances when there was a shared first in both events, but in terms of players winning the title for both events (on countback), Rogers looks to be the most recent.
In recent years it has certainly become a much harder feat to achieve, as most of the Doeberl Cup champions have come from overseas. IM James Morris won the Doeberl in 2016, but before that Ian Rogers (2007) was the previous Australian winner.
This may change this year, with current Australian Champion Temur Kuybokarov the current top seed for the event. He has been in good form over the summer, and I expect him to be one of the clear favourites for first place. Nonetheless the Doeberl has always proved to be a tough tournament to win (especially in the 9 round format), so if does take out first place it will be an achievement worth noting.

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