Thursday 20 February 2020

I've seen this ending before

The game fragment below comes from "The Coldest Game", which is currently streaming on Netflix. It is the end of the first match game between Gavrylov and Mansky, with Mansky finding a brilliant combination to win the game.
When I saw it I immediately knew that it was based on a real ending, but for the moment, I cannot remember which game it came from. A position search in chessbase failed to find anything, but that probably means the arrangement of non critical pieces (the pawns on the kingside) don't match.
What is important is how Black forces through his pawn, sacrificing a rook and bishop, before ending the game with a seemingly quiet pawn move.

Gavrylov - Mansky
The Coldest Game, 1962


Anonymous said...

The history of this position was fully investigated by Tim Krabbe - see number 396.

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