Friday 7 February 2020

Bookfair 2020

Today was the first day of the 2020 Lifeline Bookfair in Canberra. I, as usual, was part of the queue that formed before it opened, hoping to pick up some second chess books.
This year there seemed to be quite a good collection and I even found a number that I don't already own (or so I thought). I ended up buying around half a dozen books, and in a first for me at the book fair, some quite recent issue of New in Chess magazine that someone was getting rid of.
Of course when I got home I realised I purchased a copy of a book I already did own, but that is always a risk for me, and I'd rather buy a duplicate, than miss out on a title that I really wanted.
The Bookfair runs until Sunday at EPIC Canberra, and there are still plenty of chess books left, if you are planning to make the journey.


Anonymous said...

>I ended up buying around half a dozen books,

No book titles? No pictures?

FMS Dental Samee said...

Brother Please Share Book Name Image Title

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