Tuesday 18 February 2020

Getting caught on the crease

Early in my chess career I read some good general advice about pawn moves in the opening. "If you start with 1.e4, then your goal is to play d4, while if you start with 1.d4 your goal is to play e4".
While most general rules fall down in certain circumstances, getting your d pawn (or e pawn) stuck on the second rank can leave you in a bad way. In the best case you might lack pressure in the centre, or need a couple of extra moves to develop, while in the worst case, it obstructs your development and leaves a permanent weakness in your position.
As an example here is a game from when I was a lot younger. While White didn't seem interested in moving his d pawn I made sure I moved both my e and d pawns as quickly as possible. It didn't give me a winning position out of the opening, but it did help when my opponent got carried away with his attack and sacrificed more material than was sensible.

Ali,Mos - Press,Shaun [A03]
Tuggeranong CC, 24.10.1988


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