Monday, 7 March 2016

Short and very sharp

Hou Yifan leads the 2016 Women's World Championship 2.5-1.5 after 4 games. Apart from Muzychul losing badly in the 2nd game, the match has been pretty even, with the other 3 games being drawn.
The 4th game of the match, was a pretty sharp draw, with Muzychuk sacrificing material for a perpetual. When I see short repetitions like this I wonder if (a) they have been played before or (b) part of home preparation for one side. In this case I suspect it is the later, although it was White who chose to vary from previous games (including Fischer - Olaffson 1966), with 13.Nd4.

Hou,Yifan - Muzychuk,Mariya [C83]
2016 WOmens World Championship, 06.03.2016

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