Wednesday, 16 March 2016

A small family tradition

It is a little surprising that I have only played my son in long time control tournament chess 3 times in  7 years. The first two times was when he was young and improving (though I won both), while the latest (yesterday) was after he had overtaken me in terms of chess strength. We have played plenty of times at faster time controls, where he has a healthy plus, while our home blitz games are about 75-80% in his favour.
So I guess I was pleased with the outcome of last nights game, which ended in a draw. I did get a nice attack out of the opening, and was able to reach a ending where I was better. But I miscalculated an idea in the ending of attacking the d pawn with my king, and (erroneously) thinking I was getting mated after Kd5, retreated my king and drew soon after.

Press,Shaun - Press,Harry [C44]
University Cup, 15.03.2016

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