Saturday, 12 March 2016

Dubbo Open 2016 - Day 1

After the first 3 rounds of the 2016 Dubbo Open, the leading pack consists of Trever Bemrose and Matt Radisich. Both got there with upset wins in the third round, with Bemrose beating Don Keast and Radisich beating Alana Chibnall. Close behind on 2.5 are Fritz Van Der Wal, Angelito Camer, Pertti Sirkka and Kamal Jain. They would have been joined by Bill Egan, who was a rook and queen up against Paul Russell, but one wrong move left Russell in stalemate.
The tournament has attracted a good field of 36 players, with a mixture of strong players at the top, and some dangerous junior players towards the bottom. Each round has seen a number of upset wins, and a couple of the unrated players are doing particularly well.
Tomorrow sees the final 3 rounds of the tournament and while Bemrose and Radisich are hoping to stay in from of the field, the chasing pack may have other ideas.
Full results from the tournament are available here.

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