Thursday, 3 March 2016

2016 ANU Masters Week 5

Once again the leaderboard is bunched at the top after 5 rounds of the 2016 ANU Masters. Victor Braguine defeated Fred Litchfield to leave both players tied on 3/5. They were joined by Adrian De Noskowski, who had a quick draw with Harry Press, and Andrey Bliznyuk, who has a deferred game against Alana Chibnall.
In this weeks 'Game of the Round', Dillon Hathiramani scored his second win of the tournament after Miles Patterson neglected development for material. After grabbing pawn sacrifice number 2, Patterson walked into a tactic that left him a piece down and little chance of survival.
With 2 rounds to play most of the field still has a chance of taking first place, athough a couple of wins may be needed.

Hathiramani,Dillon (1828) - Patterson,Miles (1953)
2016 ANU Masters Canberra, Australia AUS (5.2), 02.03.2016

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