Friday 18 March 2016

Anand hits back with win over Svidler

Viswanathan Anand seems to be providing the bulk of the excitement at the 2016 Candidates tournament, having played the least number of draws so far. Having won in round 1, and lost in round 4, he bounced back with a very quick win over Peter Svidler. In an Anti-Marshall line of the Ruy Lopez, both players followed an earlier game between Shirov and Onischuk, which Black won. However the insertion  of a pawn exchange on move 16 made Shirov's original idea work, and after 18. Rxe4 White had a strong attack. Although Svidler avoided instant death by taking on e4, Anand played the very best moves in the position and it was all over by move 24.
Anand now sits half a point behind the tournament leaders Aronian and Karjakin,who both have 2 wins and 4 draws from 6 games.

Anand,Viswanathan - Svidler,Peter [C88]
Candidates, 17.03.2016

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I noticed that Moscow has a vodka sponsor, against IOC regulations. Have FIDE given up on the Olympics?