Wednesday 4 November 2015

This seems legit

Inspired by the Anand - So game from the Bilbao Masters (where 6 queens were used at various stages), I went looking for games where 6 queens were on the board at the same time. In the past such games were as rare as rocking horse poop, and the ones that did exist were considered either faked or arranged. Despite the vast number of games played, and recorded in databases over the last 20 years, the number of games has not really increased. I only found 3 games, from 1992, 2000, and 2009. The game from 1992 seemed real up until a point, but the triple promotion to end the game looked entirely contrived. The game from 2000 certainly looked pre-arranged, as the game was drawn after 16 moves. This left the following game from 2009. While it was also a draw the length of the game, and indeed the moves at least makes it look like the only genuine 6 queen game on record.
(** Apologies for the error in the replay. Did not check all the data like I should have **)

Szalanczy,Emil (2354) - Nguyen Thi Mai,Hung (2213) [B90]
Budapest FS10 IM-B Budapest (2), 04.10.2009


Anonymous said...

your pgn viwer is not working!

Kevin Bonham said...

Tim Krabbe ( gives another one: Anton-Franco 2011 (full moves in sidebar).