Monday 23 November 2015

Bashing openings you like

I always have mixed feelings when I come up against opening system I have a fondness for. While it doesn't happen that often (due to my somewhat narrow opening repertoire) I have been on both sides of the Blackmar, the Marshall Gambit, and the Frankenstein-Dracula over the years.
Back in 2003 I must have been on a bit of a 1.d4 d5 bender, as I had a couple of games against the BDM with the Black pieces (not sure where I had stashed my Griuenfeld). One of the games was against many times ACT Champion Milan Grcic, and was essentially decided by one move. On move 13 Gricic chose to attack my Knight and threaten my f pawn with Qf3, but I realised that I could let f7 fall with check as he did not have a decent follow up. I on the other hand had lots of good moves after capturing on d4, and his position fell apart after I played Qxe5 and then Nf3+. A sad defeat for the BDM (which is my main weapon against 1.e4 d5) but an enjoyable win for me.

Grcic,Milan - Press,Shaun [D00]
Ginninderra Cup CCLA (10), 11.04.2003

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