Saturday 21 November 2015

Someone who did not mess up his attacks

Having lamented my inability to spot the necessary and spectacular yesterday, today I came across a game by a player who did no miss much when attacking. Alexander Alekhine is rightly regarded as one of the greatest attacking players in history, and has a number of brilliant wins to his name.
The following game is quite famous, and Alekhine considered it one of his best games. The key move is 26. ... Re3 which at the time he thought won in all variations. It turns it it doesn't quite (27. Bf3! gives Black no more than a very complicated draw), what after Reti played 27.Nf3 Alekhine does not miss a trick.

Reti,Richard - Alekhine,Alexander [A00]
Baden-Baden Baden-Baden, 25.04.1925

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