Tuesday 10 November 2015

The month of no love - 2015

Ah November. In Canberra this is when Spring really starts. Not only do flowers bloom, but there is also an outbreak of facial hair. For November is also Movember, when men can grow some very ugly moustaches, and claim it is for charity. (There is a trade-off of course, mentioned in the title to this post)
This year is my 8th year of growing my usually voluminous mo, and as the picture to the right shows, I am already off to a good start. However, unlike previous years I will be going for quality over quantity, although for now I am aiming for a huge block of marble, before I chip away to reveal the masterpiece within.
It is of course for a good cause, and I am taking donations. You can visit http://mobro.co/shaunpress either to make a donation, or just to see my somewhat sporadic updates.  And thos who wish to check my mo out in person, don't forget to drop into the Vikings Weekender!

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