Thursday, 8 January 2015

Komodo is King

Looking for the new 'strongest' chess engine since the ignominious demise of Rybka? Well Komodo seems to be the new number 1, based on the results of the latest TCEC (Thoresen Chess Engine Competition). Komodo finished ahead of Houdini and Stockfish in the tournament, and now sits at the top of Computer Chess Rating List.
Komodo was initially developed by the late Don Dailey, with the assistance of GM Larry Kaufman, and later on Mark Lefler. In the final of TCEC7, Komodo beat Stockfish 33.5-30.5 to regain the title it had lost to Stockfish in the previous event.
The current commercial version of Komodo is available for $60 from the developers website. But if you want to give an earlier version a spin, Komodo 5.1 is available for free from the same place.
If you are interested in finding out more about Komodo's win, and indeed a whole lot more about the current state of computer chess, then this blog post by Professor Ken Regan is definitely worth reading.  And once you have read that, check out various other posts on that site on the topic of maths, chess, philosophy and various other topics.

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Anonymous said...

And the games, in all their glory, are on the Chessbomb live arena. There were about 50 draws out of 60 and I'm pretty sure no wins with black.