Sunday, 4 January 2015

2015 Australian Open - Favourites cruise early

The 2015 Australian Open has begun, although it is still too early to point to an eventual winner. What is slightly more obvious is that the top seeds are in the main handling the early rounds fairly easily. While a couple of half points have been dropped here and there after 3 rounds, the top 9 seeds are yet to lose a game. Top seed Hua Ni would have found the first two rounds quite pleasant, winning his games in 14 and 25 moves, before being pushed all the way to move 34 before winning his third game.
The tournament website is providing live coverage and results for the tournament, although it is following the popular trend of 'outsourcing' some of its information. The results are actually at while the live coverage seems to be going through However this does have its advantages, as the games have a comment feature enabled, allowing spectators to be a little more engaged with the action.

Brown,Andrew - Hua,Ni [D38]
Australian Open 2015, 03.01.2015

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