Thursday, 1 January 2015

Finding the correct defence

A strange story coming out of Wollongong concerning two chess players, a hunting knife, and a giant chess set. It appears the two players had a bit of a "history" going back a number of years, and it all boiled over at a giant chess set outside the Warrawong Shopping Centre. One player arrived at the board armed with a hunting knife, and the other player defended himself by using the large pieces to ward off his attacker. The dispute then continued on foot inside the shopping centre, before security guards intervened.
It is not the first time that a chess board has been the scene of violence, with the famous Doeberl Cup incident a notable example. It isn't even the first time giant chess pieces have been involved either. A number of years back (maybe 20 or so) there was a dispute between some street chess players and a group of skateboarders in the centre of Canberra. The players objected to the skateboarders skating through the giant board in Garema place, and an argument occurred. At least one skateboard was thrown onto the roof of the old electricity substation, and some claret was spilled. The police were called and it even made the pages of the Canberra Times.

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Anonymous said...

Takes a lot to beat the Jamaican chess "champion" bawling his eyes out in the middle of the street after a defeat at the Doeberl but this one is probably a winner.