Sunday, 25 January 2015

Good or bad Bishop

In a news story replete with chess puns, a dispute between two English chessplayers over a trip to a chess tournament is in the headlines. At stake is a 160 pound loan/bet between Geoffrey Bishop and Russell Goodfellow after the pair travelled to the 2008 Gibraltar Open. Bishop claimed he loaned Goodfellow the money, which has not been repaid, while Goodfellow claims he won the money in a bet over time zones.
In the end the judge threw the whole thing out of court, deciding that there was not enough evidence to decide who was telling the truth, and that the case was "impossible to continue".
My favourite bit of the article was at the end where Bishop said the results were fairly even between the two, and that while Goodfellow had won their last game, he had "smashed him" the game before.

(NB The other point of interest is that the pictures of the two players in the article were credited to Stian Alexander, but chess journalist John Saunders says that he actually took them)


John Saunders said...

Note that the photos, which were taken by me, have been removed from the online article and the matter resolved to my satisfaction. John Saunders

Anonymous said...

Russell Goodfellow is a lying, thieving scumbag who stays in hotels often and leaves without paying his bill!

MachoM said...

I'm danish and Russell Goodfellow once explained an english word at Gibraltar I didn't knew/understood.

Henrik Mortensen