Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Dale continues to impress

IM Ari Dale continues to hold his own in the Tata Steel Challengers event, drawing his first 3 games. In yesterdays round he faced Chinese GM Yi Wei, and despite being outrated by almost 400 points, he gave the Super GM quite a scare. Starting with 14.g4 Dale embarked on an ambitious kingside attack. This did involve the investment of some material, as well as a commitment to see the attack through to the end. On move 20 he sacrificed a knight to further expose the Black king, and after the Re3-h3 manoeuvre, Black had no way to escape a perpetual check.
Sitting on 50% after 3 rounds, Dale has already done as much as most people expected him to do in the entire tournament. Importantly, he has also shown he isn't overawed by the occasion. He might find it a little tougher now that his opponents realise he isn't going to be a push over, but this may result in them playing more cautiously themselves.

Dale,Ari - Wei,Yi [E14]
Tata Steel Challengers, 12.01.2015

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