Sunday, 4 January 2015

2015 New Zealand Open - Dive and Bischoff lead

Across the Tasman, the 2015 New Zealand Open is also underway. Being held at the New Zealand Chess Centre in Devonport, the tournament has attracted a good field of local players, as well as some highly rated international visitors. In fact the field of 115 players is slightly larger than the Australian Open, although the New Zealand event is not running a minor event, like the Australian tournament.
After four rounds first placed is shared between GM Klaus Bischoff (GER) and IM Russell Dive (NZL). Half a point back are a number of players, including GM David Howell (ENG) and Karl Zelesco (AUS). The event also doubles as the New Zealand Championship, with the highest placed New Zealand player winning the title. Today's win by Dive over many times champion IM Anthony Kerr was therefore doubly significant, as it keeps him in first place, and puts some distance between himself and local rivals.
Further information from this tournament, including live broadcasts of the games, can be found at the tournament website.

Bischoff,Klaus (2490) - Goodhue,Nathan (2118) [B06]
New Zealand Open 2015 Devonport, Auckland (3.4), 03.01.2015

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