Thursday 16 October 2014

Short and Sharp

Sometimes I am happy to play short, sharp games, even if they end in a draw. Of course I am happier to play them when my opponent is rated higher than me, as in the following game. As with my recent games there were things I played on a whim (12.f5), things I just did not see (17. ... Ne5) and things I had to find out of desperation (18.Qa4). In the final position I was probably a little better, but having avoided the worst of it on move 18 I decided half a point was a decent reward.

Press,Shaun - Bliznyuk,Andrey [B23]
Belconnen Spring Swiss, 15.10.2014

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Anonymous said...

In fact, after 20.Qa5 white is winning. Another case of mutual blindness.