Thursday 23 October 2014

Data driven chess

One of the side effects of the recent "Millionaire Chess" even in Las Vegas, is a greater focus on how the game can be presented. Chess is still hoping to emulate the TV Poker boom of the last decade, and the use of numbers may be the way to do it. GM Maurice Ashley is working on a system called Deepview, which collects a larrge data set from the games of the worlds top players, and then uses that information to provide the viewer with a perspective on the game. Unlike the current system of just using a chess engine to state who is winning, Deepview also looks at the players relative abilities in openings and endings, as well as how they fair in quiet or tactical positions.
While this idea is not necessarily new (I even read articles about chess statistics from the 1950's), the era of 'big data' provides the technology to make it happen. Even if it doesn't succeed in capturing the broader market of sports enthusiasts such a system would still be a great addition to the current online chess coverage.

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