Wednesday 29 October 2014

A board of chess players?

While idly chatting away at a chess coaching class, the topic of collective nouns came up (as it does from time to time). It occurred to me that I was not aware of a collective noun for chess players, or if I was, I had forgotten it. My initial suggestion was a 'set' of chess players, an obvious reference to a chess set.
Looking online I found at least one reference to a 'board' of chess players. This can be taken to refer to either the chess board, or a group similar to a board of management. Unkind souls may even use an alternative spelling and describe the group as 'a bored of chess players'. The same source also mentions a 'brood' of chess players, but I find this less appealing.
Nonetheless, I find both choices unimaginative, but at the same time cannot think of anything better than my initial suggestion. Possibly an 'asylum' of chess players might work, but this may be more suited to a private joke than public presentation.


Anonymous said...

I suggest a 'family' of chess players.

Anonymous said...

a conspiracy of chess players?

Anonymous said...

I like "an obfuscation of public servants" and "an hypocricy of politicians", so how about "a justification of chess players".

Anonymous said...

A rookery or a castling

Jim said...


Somebody had to say it. Sorry 'bout that.