Monday 20 October 2014

Oh the horror!

I had a quick look at the chess-db website, and it seems that they have added some new features. Chess-db is basically a huge online chess database with some bells and whistles thrown in. One such whistle is an 'Explore Blunder' option where you can be shown some of the worst blunders in a players career. I clicked on the link for my own games, and while the list is restricted to 4, it is a pretty horrible 4. In fact a couple of them are so bad that I am struggling to remember where they happened, but I'm pretty sure a few cam from some sub standard Olympiad performances.
The other feature I am going to test is the 'Play Chess against X' where a computer engine is supposed to play in the style of Player X, as determined by the analysis of their games. If it truly emulates the style of my game I expect to be hacked for a bit, and if the attack fails, hang on to win after a series of mistakes.

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