Friday 17 October 2014

2014 ICCF Congress - Wrap

Having attended the start of the 2014 ICCF Congress, I made the trip back to Sydney to attend the closing banquet. A quick discussion with various ICCF delegates indicates that International Correspondence Chess is doing OK, and the ICCF is doing quite well as an organisation. The congress itself was both constructive and without rancor, although the fact it was a non election year may have helped.
At the closing dinner there were a few speeches, but what really pleased me were the number of delegates who congratulated the CCLA on how we organised the congress. Thanks for this must mainly go to Brian Jones, and the extended Jones family, for putting in an enormous amount of work.
Apart from the congress there were some chess activities as well. IM Gary Lane won the traditional blitz event with 8/9, while the ICCF team defeated a Western Sydney team 6.5-2.5 in an over the board match.

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