Tuesday 7 October 2014

2014 World Junior

The 2014 World Junior Championship has started in Pune, India. It has attracted a large and strong field, with 18 GM's in the 137 player field. The Girls event has 78 players, with 4 WGM's in the field.
Surprisingly Australia has no representatives in either event, although this may be due to the proximity to the World Youth Championships, which were recently held in South Africa. Indeed for a lot of countries, the World Youth seems to have supplanted the World Junior as tournament to play in, although I am not entirely sure why. I would think that the idea of getting your best junior player to the World Junior would still be a goal for most federations, although this may be dependant upon funding.
The second round of the tournament was played today, and live games can be found on the official website. I did notice on curiosity on the top board, with the Ider - Wei game lasting only 4 moves. At first I thought it may have been a mobile phone loss, but rechecking the game showed an additional 8 moves had been played. I'm now assuming there may be some issues with the dgt board, and that eventually the whole game will be revealed.

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