Thursday 19 September 2013

On the Left Bank

If you find yourself in Paris, then a walk along the left bank of the Seine is worth taking. Apart from the enormous number of beautiful and historical buildings, you may be able to find some real gems in the book stalls that line the footpath. They seem to sell a mix of books, paintings and souvenirs, often specialising in vintage publications (newspapers, magazines). The topics are quite varied, but I did stumble upon one stall that was packed with chess books. It was located near the Saint-Michel Notre Dame metro station, and had around 100 second hand chess books on offer. Around half were in English while the rest were in French/Russian/Polish etc. They were all priced around 10 to 12 euros, so bargains could be had if you found the right book. Once again time was my enemy (and the fact it was raining(, otherwise I would have spent more time investigating the entire catalogue.

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