Sunday 8 September 2013

It is not the move you are thinking of.

I had a bit of a giggle at the following, which was played at Street Chess on Saturday. I started watching at move 5, when White was threatening Rxh7, even if Black played the plausible Nf6. Black decide to give up an exchange (unnecessarily), but it did pose problems for White. At move 10 White did have a chance to keep a clear advantage, but only by playing a move that would have been hard to come up with. 10.Kc3! looks to be best, protecting the d pawn and avoiding most of Black's checks. Instead White chose the 'obvious' plan of Qg5-Bh3, but Black was able to force a draw by repetition.
(BTW Before you laugh at White's opening choice I have a game by Korchnoi in my database where he offered the g pawn in the same way.)

Hellmann,Oscar - Chibnall,Alana [A80]
Street Chess Canberra, 07.09.2013

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