Friday 13 September 2013

Cross my heart and hope to die

I've spent the last 48 hours moving through airports, planes and sleep, although I did get some sightseeing done on arrival in London. Today will be the first full day in England, and it is time to hit the museums.
Last time I was in London for any length of time was on my honeymoon back in 1996. One of the things I saw then were the Lewis Chessmen, at the British Museum. Since then there has been some controversy associated with them, as the clamour for a permanent return to Scotland has grown.
I seem to recall that there were concerns that if they were taken to Scotland for exhibition, they may not come back (NB 11 pieces are already on display in Edinburgh). As this does not seemed to have happened, I assume that the respective legal teams successfully inserted a  'cross my heart and hope to die' clause into the exhibition contracts.

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