Monday 23 September 2013


One of the more interesting places in England is Glastonbury. Most famous as the possible last resting place of the possible King Arthur, there are also legends involving one J. Christ visiting the place as a young man. There is also the Glastonbury Tor, which is reputed to be the doorway to Hades.
I visited the village around 17 years ago, and today I made another visit. Some things have changed in the last decade and a half in the UK, including how hard it is to get to places. As a result I did not have time to climb the Tor, but I did find the time to lay some chess, albeit with my son. We played the game blindfold (as we occasionally do), and so although it started in a coffee shop, it was played in a number of locations throughout the village. The game ended in a timely manner as we reached the car to drive home, with me realising I had miscalculated the pawn ending, moving my king in the wrong direction.

Press,Harry - Press,Shaun [D02]
Glastonbury Blindfold, 22.09.2013

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