Saturday 14 September 2013

On the hunt for chess stuff

I'm still in travel mode, and am finding the change in time zones throwing me out. When I am at home (in Australia) I usually blog just before I go to bed a midnight, meaning most people read my posts in the morning. On the other side of the world (UK) I find that early morning blogging is easier, as I am still waking at around 6 am. So my posts are more about what I am going to do with the day, rather than what I have just done.
Today's travels should take me to the British Museum, and then on to Madame Tussauds. As we (myself and family) are doing most of travels on foot, the journey between to two will take us past the Chess & Bridge Shop in Baker Street. I last visited this shop 17 years ago (on my honeymoon), when it was located on Euston Rd. Harry and I will stick our heads in to see what was on offer, although we are under strict instructions not to spend to much!


Chris Eve said...

Seventeen years ago there was the London Chess Centre at 390 Euston Road and the Chess & Bridge Shop on Baker Street. I believe they merged on the Baker Street site.

Anonymous said...

Justin and I popped by last month on Tuesday night to the Kings Head chess club on Tolmers Square near Euston Square. It's in an English pub ! Great fun!