Friday 6 September 2013

FIDE Rules and Pairing Websites

Until recently both the FIDE Rules and Tournament Regulations Commission (RTRC) and the FIDE Swiss Pairing Programs Commission (SPP) have been without official websites. Information from these commissions was either contained in the FIDE Handbook or not available at all. But following on from other FIDE commissions, they both now have websites up and running.
The RTRC website is and contains links to the current Laws of Chess, as well as information on the upcoming commission meeting in Tallinn. The SPP website is, and contains links to the current approved FIDE pairing rules (plus other information).
As the sites have just been set up, information is still fairly limited, but I expect they will grow over the next few months.
(NB I am currently responsible for the content management of both sites)

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