Sunday 21 July 2013

The ups and downs of Andrew Brown

IM Andrew Brown was Australia's official representative in the 2013 Commonwealth Open in South Africa. After 6 rounds he was on 5 points, and in the 7th round round he was paired against Vladislav Tkachiev (2649). At first the game was looking pretty one sided, with Tkachiev building up a commanding position. But then he missed a tactic on move 25 and Andrew pounced. Playing a temporary rook sacrifice, he was able to completely turn the tables, and for a time was pushing for a win. However in a Q+P ending, there were too many checks for both sides and a draw was eventually reached.
Sadly this game was a kind of mirror image of Andrew's tournament, as after this high point he lost his next 3 games, finally picking up another point in the last round.

Tkachiev,V (2649) - Brown,An (2281) [E62]
Commonwealth & RSA Open Port Elizabeth RSA (7.4), 10.07.2013

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