Monday 29 July 2013

Charge of the King

The last English King to lead an army into battle was King George II, in 1743. With the birth of the future King of Australia, also named George, such little facts become significant.
Given how recent the birth of Prince George was, the following game, which was played during the ANU Open last weekend, is a nice coincidence. I wandered past the board around move 20, when the White king had already charged up the board. At first I though I was witnessing the 'Steel' King, with White using it as an extra piece in the attack, but then I realised it was in fact in serious danger. A few exact moves by Black and the White king perished where all Kings should, out in front of their armies.

Jiang,Jack - Mason,Jo [B01]
ANU Minor Canberra, 27.07.2013

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