Friday 12 July 2013

Off to Haarlem

I'm off to attend a councillors meeting of the FIDE Rules and Tournament Regulations Commission. There is still some unfinished business from the 2012 FIDE Congress, and we hope to tidy up the last of the rules proposals in time for the 2013 FIDE Congress.There will also be some work done on changes to the FIDE Tournament Rules (which are due for review in 2014), and I suspect the issue of 'computer assisted' play will be a hot topic.
The meeting is in Haarlem, The Netherlands I'm leaving tomorrow evening (Canberra time). I'll try and keep up my regular posting schedule, but this of course depends on wi-fi availability at various airports/hotels etc. Will be back in Canberra next Friday morning.

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Unknown said...

Have a great time. Haarlem is a really lovely place (well, a bit ugly around the train station) especially at this time of year.