Friday 19 July 2013

Not the way to create a weakness

Ah, the 24 hour news cycle. Turn your computer on t any time of the day and you be flooded with stories both weird and wonderful. In the former category comes a story from Seattle, where a chess game between neighbours escalated into something far more serious after one of the players pulled a gun on his opponent. The neighbour did the smart thing by getting the hell out of there, and an 8 hour siege commenced. Eventually the gunman surrendered by waving a white flag, but loudly announcing 'I resign' may have been more appropriate.
Apart from the expected criminal charges the player is probably guilty of breaching Rule 12.1 (bringing the game into disrepute), 12.6 (distracting the opponent) and 12.8 (failure to comply with the Laws of Chess). The opponent seems to have also breached 12.2 (leaving the playing venue) but I imagine he has a reasonable explanation.
One report of this story is here.

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Jim said...

Rule 6.8 probably applies in regard to the actual result of the game. And a white one at that.