Tuesday 16 July 2013

Owning your own building

During the lunch break of the FIDE RTRC meeting I received a brief walking tour of Haarlem by the commission chairman, Geurt . The main purpose of the walk was to buy a birthday present for my son, but Geurt invited me to a little extra sight seeing.
On of the sights we saw was the headquarters of the Royal Dutch Chess Federation (KNSB). They are located near the Haarlem railway station, and are inside a narrow four story building (with very steep internal steps). In fact the  KNSB own this building, which makes finances a little easier to manager. I did ask if part of the building are rented to other bodies, but in fact they require the whole building due to the number of staff they employ.
In terms of financing their activity, one of their significant sources of income come from memberships. Around 24,000 players pay about 40 euro's per year in membership fees, which is a fair chunk of change. Alongside sponsorship and government funding, this means that the Federation can operate as a professional body. serving the chess players in The Netherlands.


Garvin said...

This can be another by-product of our countries population per square km. With a small country and population mass of 400 people per sq km, much easier to have a chess centre that is viable and functional.

Anonymous said...

Shaun, I really like this post.

Of course I don't need to remind you (of all people) that under GG the issue of a National Membership was raised and defeated at the ACF conference by of all states, NSW which didn't even have a state association president.

As a movement we are quick to lament that we don't have a chess centre and with the exception of Doeberl Cup there are few tournaments that international players would look at, but if we make the link between say paying $50 per annum to the ACF for such a resource the lowest common demoninator in Australian chess whinges that its too expensive.

Chris said...

Now that I am living in the UK, I realise how cheap Australian Chess was... honestly I don't know how clubs can even afford the equipment they have back home, compared to what you pay for vs what you get over here.