Thursday 11 July 2013

Digging up old software

I'm the sort of person who doesn't throw things away, 'in case i need them later'. It infuriates my wife, but occasionally this habit does pay off.
While watching the first day of the 1st Ashes Test (cricket btw), I'm trying to install some old software I've just rediscovered. One of the programs is Kasparovs Gambit, which game on an EA 10 pack game disk. As much as I remember it was quite a good program in its day, although Kasparov's constant pre-recorded chirping was a little annoying. At this stage it is still not playing nice with Windows 7, but hopefully I can get it up and running before Australia gets to bat.


Anonymous said...

I remember that one. To this day whenever I make a bad move I hear a voice in my head saying 'I'm not so sure you're on the right track now'

Anonymous said...

It's not a bad piece of software and in particular the different character types make the game enjoyable. At the stonger levels it clear that it doesn't perform at SGM strength but its worth a play occassionally.

As for throwing stuff out, it's healthy to go through a purge occassionally and throw stuff out (donate). I think saving everything in life just in case you might need it in 20 years time is slighly pointless. (But to be fair, I'm not Diane)